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Income Protection

Income Protection offers financial security for you and for your family.

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Income Protection Enquiry

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Welcome to

We hope to enhance your understanding of Health Insurance and Income Protection.

Having run Independent Financial Consultants for a large number of years, we recognise the need for more focused advice in the Health Insurance and Income Protection arenas. For a broader based financial advice, you can contact us at

Health Insurance will cover your stay in Hospital or perhaps outpatient treatments from the Maternity benefits to Eye Laser Surgery treatment.

Income Protection will cover you for loss of income in the event that your sickness or disability keeps you out of work for a prolonged period of time. As there is no mandatory sick pay entitlement, it is important we make sure that we will not be exposed at this crucial time.

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Health Insurance offers clear benefit comparisons on the most popular plan, price comparisons and an easy to obtain quotes and start over. Not only this, but we are available on the phone should you wish to discuss some specific area of cover.

Switching cover is easy. Once there is no 'break' in cover from you current insurer, you can switch providers without incurring any waiting periods and all current conditions whether known about or not, will continue to be covered.

We all understand the importance of protecting our health, our spouses and of course children also. Wheather you have Health Insurance already in place or are considering putting it in place, we hope through the service of that you can learn more and compare insurance contracts thereby helping you make a fully informed choice.

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Income Protection

We believe that the other area of your life needing special consideration is the protection of your income.

What would you do if your income dried up? Could you survive on the State Social Welfare entitlement of €9,776 per annum? If you are self-employed, you will not be entitled to any Social Welfare income.

There is no mandatory sick pay entitlement. Your employer is not obliged to pay any sick pay. Even Civil Servants and Health Sector Workers do not receive full indefinite sick pay. Typically Doctors working in the Health Service will receive 6 months full pay and the next 6 months on half pay and nothing thereafter.

At this most important and vulnerable of times, we strongly believe that you should protect your income against sickness or disability.

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