Guaranteed Premiums

The Guaranteed Premium option will ensure that your premium will not change during the term of the plan if chosen benefits remain the same.  This allows you to know in advnce how much your premiums will be over the term of the plan.  There will be no change to this even if you make a claim. 


Reviewable Premiums

The Reviewable Premiums option guarantees that your regular premiums will remain constant for the first five years of your plan. We will review your premium on the fifth anniversary of your plan, and every five years thereafter. At this stage, your premium or benefit may increase, decrease, or remain the same. This review will take into account our claims experience in the preceding years, economic changes, medical breakthroughs and our expected cost of proiding cover in the future. You will find more information on Reviewable Premiums in your policy conditions. 


Hospital Cash Benefit

Under the plan, you can receive an income benefit any time during the deferred period if you spend more than seven days in hospital.  The amount you receive will be equal to 1/7th of your weekly benefit for each day and payable up until the earliest of:

  • Your last day spent in hospital
  • The 91st day spent in hospital
  • The date the deferred period ends
  • The date you die
  • The date your policy ends


Benefit Level

The maximum benefit allowed on an Income Protection plan is typically calculated as 75% of salary or Net Relevant Earnings less the state Disability Benefit (if you are entitled to it).  For higher levels of income - above €125,000, this calculation can change.


Individual Mortgage Plans


You can claim tax relief at your mariganal rate (to a maximum of 10% of total salary).  You will receive your income benefit net of income tax under PAYE.


Income Benefits on Returning to Work
  • Proportionate Benefit
  • Rehabilitation Benefit
  • Relapse Benefit
This document gives only a brief description of the features of the Friends First Income Protection products and is not intended to be a full product description. If you would like to read a more detailed analysis of any of our products, your Financial Adviser or Friends First would be happy to send you this information.



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